• Crock Pot Chicken Caesar


    It’s not the ides of March, but I feel the need to honor our dear friend, Julius. After an intense workout this morning, I feel like an Olympian! I am in need of good, lean protein, so I came home and started a healthy pot of meat and veggies with some great flavor. This recipe is super easy and I promise that you’ll feel full and pleased at dinner tonight.

    Frozen chicken can be a little rediculous. I’m not sure where some companies find the Pam Anderson’s of chickens, but the serving size of one frozen breast is much too large for one person.  Fresh chicken breasts are usually even a little less reasonable so I prefer to buy fresh, cut them each in half and then freeze them myself.  My advice is to picky about your meat; buy the lean kind, fresh or frozen, and accompany your proteins with full flavors from seasonings and vegetables.

    If you plan ahead and prep your food, you can have a little more control over your portions and still make your favorite meals. So while this chicken recipe calls for TWO chicken breasts, it actually can usually feed four people. If you have leftovers, put the chicken on a mixed green salad tomorrow for lunch and you’ll be cheering “All hail, Caesar!” all afternoon. Enjoy!

    3 medium potatoes, diced

    6 oz. frozen green beans

    2 frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts

    1/2 c. light caesar dressing

    Layer ingredients in crock pot in order provided. Cook on high for 4 hours.

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