Val 2014

Valerie O’Keefe

I don’t remember the first thing I cooked and I couldn’t tell you what my favorite dish is either. But, I can recall lots of fun in the kitchen, messes to clean up, flavors to determine and meals that were devoured. The point in cooking is to experiment until you enjoy and then share it with others. Food isn’t just about finding sustenance, eating should engage and please all of your senses.

For years I’ve shared and received recipes between friends and family and enjoyed being the liaison between miles of tastebuds. It’s time to make it official and publish these recipes for everyone to enjoy. Welcome to Dinner is a Crock!

About a decade ago I was roaming the aisles of a Bed, Bath and Beyond with a scanner in my hand, wide-eyed and dreaming as I completed my wedding registry. I hesitated when I bleeped on my crockpot’s box, thinking– would I really use this to cook for two people? Next to my stand-up mixer which I bought for myself years later, my crockpot is now my favorite kitchen small appliance. I can fill a ladle with breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can soak and serve fruited beverages and savory sauces. But more than anything else, I can cook and prepare an entire dinner before I even finish my first cup of coffee for the day.

Someday I’d like to look back on this post and laugh about my lack of blogging experience. As with any relationship, I’m sure this will take work, may lose priority at time or run with excitement and furvor, but I’m hoping that you’ll join me in this adventure. If nothing else, you’ll fill your belly with food and laughter and we’ll share some of those moments together.

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