• Crock Pot Turkey Legs


    Thanksgiving might just be one of my favorite holidays. There is something about preparing so many amazing dishes all day long and then sitting around the table with friends and family as we all oooh and ahhh about the foods. That feeling should not just be reserved for one or two days a year! Therefore, I am offering up a delicious new way of preparing turkey and I suggest serving it with ONE of your favorite side dishes from Thanksgiving.

    I think most people are fans of turkey’s white meat, but I actually prefer the dark meat. It’s juicier, has more flavor and has a much less likelihood of getting dried out when cooked. Also, turkey legs are really inexpensive to buy, compared to buying a whole bird, and still tastes amazing. When you make this recipe, the meat will literally fall off of the bone, it is soft and moist without tasting greasy or fatty.

    Herbs de provence sounds more foreign than it tastes. I like easy seasonings that blend together in harmony. It’s a sultry combination of thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon and lavender flowers. It’s great on meats or can add lots of flavor to soups and vegetable dishes.

    My brother said this recipe is “caveman chic”. There’s no need to be savage, all the meat falls off the bones before serving it. But if you prefer to dive in without silverware, at least you have the lavender flowers in the herbs de provence to make you seem a little civilized.

    3-4 turkey legs (about 2-2.5 lbs)

    1 T. olive oil

    2 T. herbs de provence

    Coat crock pot with non-stick spray so the turkey skin doesn’t stick to the pot too much. Place legs in pot and then brush lightly with olive oil. Shake herbs de provence all over turkey legs. Cook for 6 hours on low.

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