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    og:imageHi fans! Have you noticed that I’ve been making some changes to Dinner Is A Crock? First of all– check out that logo! That’s me! We are officially introduced now and I’m glad we are friends.

    The website has received a much needed face lift and is now mobile compatible. I don’t know about you, but I love how much easier it is to read the recipes straight from my phone when I’m cooking in the kitchen. I mean, come on… who has the counter space for a laptop or wants to keep running back and forth to a desktop?! It was time to update and upgrade and I’m grateful to www.mkreative.com for the help on this massive project!

    Also, Dinner Is A Crock is joining in the fun on social media! You’ve probably already found it on Facebook, but you can now follow Dinner Is A Crock on Instagram and Pinterest! When you make your favorite recipes, please use #dinnerisacrock and let us all see your kitchen successes!

    And here’s the best news of all… I’m devoted to you. Totally. I’ve decided to leave my job and focus on my food blog and community of crock pot fanatics! I’m so excited to take this LEAP! I hope this means that we can start interacting a little more– tell me what you want me to cook, what recipes you’d like to see, and of course– your successes and flops. Because, life happens to all of us so let’s work through it together.

    You can email me at dinnerisacrock@gmail.com or post to the Facebook page at any time! I’ll get back to you as quick as I can… probably 3-4 hours if I’m running on high or 7-8 hours if I’m feeling low.  🙂



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