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  1. Ilene Harris Kosoff says:

    Hey Val!
    I’ve really enjoyed your site since you started it and I have even tried some recipies- love the stuffed cabbage (although I didn’t really stuff it, I just cut up all the cabbage and instead of meat balls I had made “meat clumps” because I’m lazy…. but it turned out delicious!).
    I am sure this is already in your kitchen, but if not, go out and get some Crock Pot Liners- they are the most wonderful invention. Sort of like a garbage bag for the food in the pot and the dish stays pretty clean! They are safe for cooking in for a long time, specially designed for the crock pot. If you already have some- great- if not, order them today!


    Happy Cooking!

  2. Valerie says:

    Thanks, Ilene! Yes, I had used the crock pot liners as well. I don’t mind washing the crock pot, but the liners certainly help save time. I have them linked to one of my recipes actually, but I’ll post it on the page too, thanks for the pointer. Crock pot meals freeze really well too– keep that in mind as you start nesting! 🙂

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